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What do we stand for?

We believe that everybody has unique talents. Talents that are worth being shared with others, to help them unleash their potential.

What we stand for?

Education for everyone from all 

Education is often experienced by students as something that is done to them. As a consequence learning itself is often connected to unpleasent feelings. This is not only true for stundents that are currently in the system but also for many adults who have already graduated from school or universty.

Therby it is the fault of educational systems not to ignite the potentional that lies in every human beeing. Studies show that over 80% of all Americans are unappy with their jobs. This gives reasons to belive that at school, people were not prepared to persue their dreams. Weather its to start your own business, become a musician or an artist.

Students are educated in a way that makes them believe that achievements outside academia are not worth persuing. So they are giving up on activities that are not respected by school because they were made to belive that success can only be achieved by following predifined paths. At Prentis we belive that education must be transformed. Transformed in a way that makes it possible for every human beeing to outlive his or her full potentional.

We belive that everybody has unique talents. Talents that are woth being shared with others, to help them unleash their potentional.

Tutoring for Students

If you are good in a particular school subject and want to help others cope with subjects they struggle with, create a Tutoring Offer. You can choose the subjects you would like to teach, the class range and of course the price your students will need to pay.

One to One Training

Everyone has unique talents. Weather you love sewing or creating software. There are people near you who would love to learn from you on a One to One basis. All you need to do is create a One to One Training offer that describes what you would like to convey and at what price.

Help is closer than you think.

Prentis lets you find  Tutoring and One to One offers based on your current location. That means that you will always find the closest maths teacher or the closest person that is able to help you with your current projects.  

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Start sharing your talents

Whether you are a student at school or university who loves telling stories, composing music, driving skateboard, doing math or anything else. Your talent is woth beeing shared with others who aspire.
Weather you are a salesman who loves to code or draw. Your talent is worth being shared with others who want to learn.

How Prentis works

Prentis is fast and super easy to use. Finding people that can help you learn or
help people to learn things you have down cold, has never been easier.

Location based offer

Every offer is associated with the place it was created at. That lets students search
for teachers in the vicinity.  

Fast offer creation

Creating an offer with Prentis takes only a minute. Choose your profile picture, the subjects or topic you would like to teach and choose a price. Thats it!

Instant communication

Communication today is usually instant. Why should finding a tutor or trainer be any different? Just text your students or teachers within the App.

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